Moss Removal

Unfortunately, a considerable amount of roofs in the UK suffer from moss build-up on their tiles.

All roofs are supposed to breathe to help prevent condensation.

Protect your property from the elements

Power washing is commonly used to clean the tiles. However at Charterhouse Roofing and General Builders, we are not totally convinced this is the way forward because power washing can remove the sand face from the tiles.

This is why we would recommend using builders’ trowels and wire brushes. Basically, we like to use good old fashioned hard work. It will retain the appearance of the roof in general and we can repair or replace broken tiles as we find them.

Moss removal – Questions you may have

  • Can we power wash our roofing tiles?
  • Will it damage our roofing tiles?
  • We like the appearance of the moss
  • Is a roof supposed to breathe?
  • Do you replace the broken roofing tiles?
  • Can you clean our roof by hand?

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